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In remembrance of Sigurd Køhn

We were all shocked and grieved to learn that our good friend and respected colleague Sigurd Køhn and his son Simen are among the missing after the Tsunami catastrophe in Asia. Our thoughts go out to his family. Sigurd’s exceptional talent and jovial nature has blessed many people around him. We will always remember the good times we had together.

We strongly urge all our fans to contribute to the relief-work through their organization of choice, in any way they can.

Paul, Morten, Magne

Magne plays with Yusuf Islam (formerly Cat Stevens) on his first pop record since 1978

The new single, ‘Indian Ocean,’ will raise funds for children affected by the tsunami catastrophe

Magne has been in London on a recording session with a “super group” put together by Yusuf Islam to raise money for children orphaned by the earthquake. Magne playes piano on the new single. Other artists include Ed Heartcort, Neil Primrose from Travis, the Indian producer and composer AR Rahman, and of course Mr. Islam himself. Other contributors to the fund raiser is

“I’ve been a huge fan of Cat Stevens from before,” says Magne. “Hearing new material coming out of Yusuf’s mouth was kind of mind blowing.”

Magne F’s solo album released in UK

Past Perfect Future Tense will be released in the UK on Private and Confidential Records. This will be the first solo album from an a-ha member to be released in the UK since Savoy’s Mary Is Coming in 1996.

Free a-ha concert in Oslo’s Frognerparken

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First chance to hear new material live

Celebrating their 100th anniversary, Hydro invites the people of Oslo to Hydro’s Centennial Festival in Frognerparken on Saturday, August 27. This is a big event, and a-ha will be the main attraction. This is the only a-ha concert in Norway before their European Tour, and the first time people will have a chance to hear new material from the forthcoming album.

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